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Grow the family farm, invest in a getaway, or find your home in the country. Life's better out here.

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When you work with us, you're working with local folks who are plugged into farm life, rural markets, and your community. Not only are we based here, but your loans are serviced here. 

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We put our profits in your pockets.®

When you borrow with us, you become an owner who shares our profits. Our patronage program is one way we share those profits with you. Calculate how much you could save.

How patronage works

Here is your estimated Patronage Distribution: ESTIMATED PATRONAGE

After receipt of your distribution, patronage effectively lowers your total interest cost for the first year of your loan from $XXXXX to: EFFECTIVE INTEREST EXPENSE

This effectively lowers your interest rate from XXXX to: EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE

*Results based on 10-year average refund totals. Past performance not a guarantee of future payouts. Calculations do not account for time value of money or distinguish between returns made in cash and in allocated surplus. Talk to a loan officer for details.

"I was extremely satisfied with ArborOne. The company made me feel like family and helped me achieve one of my life dreams of owning land."

M. Strickland

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Dr. Dan Fox: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

When Dr. Dan Fox and his wife April Fox began looking for lenders to finance building their new home, they knew they needed a company that went beyond the call of duty. It wasn’t just a matter of getting competitive rates.
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